Polyglit.com is a crowd-sourcing literature translation website where you can learn a language or read a book from another country.


  • Let countries define themselves through their own classics and literature.
  • Fix translation software by using linguistic principals about grammar and translation.
  • Values

    1. No single country's literature is superior than another's.
    2. The employees, authors and the users on the site, their ideas are valuable and paramount to making this site function. More important than the CEO, herself.
    3. The integrity of people is more important than money.
    4. Who a person is and their own self-definition is more important than what others think they are.

    Company Culture Policies

    1. Passion is bliss.
    2. Fix bugs before new features.
    3. Quality before quantity
    4. Hire competent people that understand the site culture and whatever they are in charge of or at least train them until they get there.
    5. Listen to both employees and users for ideas and seriously consider them.
    6. Create a fun and open community.
    7. Cooperation is more important than competition.
    8. Individual contribution is valuable and should be recognized by the company.
    9. Celebrate accomplishments on both a company and individual level.
    10. A diverse community is a happy company and community.
    11. Happy creators equal happy consumers. Creators get paid and valued.


    is a Korean adoptee who is a writer and author, does websites professionally, and knows roughly 4 languages (English, French, Korean, Japanese) not very well. She has a background in website design, user experience, cultural anthropology and various arts and crafts. She has also worked for a manga/manhwa translation company and is familiar with the publishing world. She is passionate about the diversity in our world.

    She is the creator, designer and owner of the website.

    Head Website Programmer
    Corinne Lenox
    is a programmer and graduated from Southern Illinois University: Carbondale, Bachelor's in Computer Science and Masters in Computer Engineering. She is not bilingual in any languages, but is an avid reader.

    App Programmer
    Paul Rasmussen